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Over the last 10 years or so we have all seen the sound of drum n bass develop, progress and transform into the many varied styles that exist today, back in 1995, I decided to start a record label called xpressive, with the intention of releasing a more soulful flavour of drum & bass - a sound that I felt was very much under-represented at the time. The xpression label proved to be successful, but was unfortunately forced to close in 1997. However, I knew the opportunity would arise for me to start another musically-minded drum & bass label in the future.

By the year 2000, the more melodic sounds of d & b had gained far greater recognition, and felt the time was right to launch the Label Defunked, The Labels slogan re-invent the content perfectly reflects the ethos behind the label by taking influences from many different genres such as Jazz, Funk, Soul and House, and combining them with the backbone elements of D & B, being of course the drum and the bass. Then fusing these todays cutting-edge production techniques, we are indeed re-inventing the content of music from the past, for generations of the future!

Since the inception of Defunked, we have brought you many fine releases from established artists including Carlito & DJ Addiction, John B, Solid State, Total Science, Aquasky, Blue Sonix, Nos, Calibre, FX909 and of course myself - Fellowship. We have Also Endeavoured to introduce new up-and-coming talent such as Funk 'N' Flex, Razor, Blue & Bronco, Junior Cartel, Kaleb, Dice and Santa Cruz, whilst simultaneously increasing the profile of producers like Greg Packer, The Insiders, Mathematics, and D Kay & Epsilon. With an ever-expanding artist roster, and an increase in the global popularity of soulful drum & bass, Defunked looks set to go from strength to strenght.


сайт: http://www.defunked.co.uk
myspace: http://www.myspace.com/defunkedrecords

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