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Last time, we have said something about the history of Petite cocktail dresses from the very beginning to the World War 2. And this time we will go on to talk about the development of the dresses after twenty fortieth.

At the later half of twenty fiftieth, ra ra shirts were widely acceptable and dressed as one of the main dresses in cocktail parties. Fitting suits inlaid with beads and sequins, with embroidery and with furs as ornaments were popular and became a trend at that time. Short leather gloves or long embroidery gloves were necessary as well as collocations.

In the middle of twenty sixtieth, under the strike of free thoughts, dresses worn for joining in cocktail parties in this period were unfrequented for a long time since people thought dresses of such style were apathetic. At that time, people hated exaggeration and turgescence but prefer simplicity and wateriness.

However, when it came to twenty eightieth, the return of luxurious and gorgeous quality brought back the dresses. And now, most of the cocktail parties are half formal and people who take part in the parties wear less formal than in early times. Guests can walk, stand, sit and talk freely at their ease and they do not need to be over restrained. In many women’s wardrobe, are important garments.

The rules of dress code at cocktail parties have been more loosen than in early times. For example, people can wear pants, leather garments to go to cocktail parties. However, the basic principles have not been changed. That’s dresses between daily clothes and evening dresses which filled with feminity, romance, delicacy and sexiness. Dresses for cocktail parties pay particular attention to workmanship and varied styles which qualified entirely different from formal evening dresses. Now, the dresses have been necessary indeed in women’s wardrobes.

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